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Friday, Aug 7, 2020 Parshas Eikev 17 Av, 5780
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Yehoshua ch. 13 - 15
Speaker:   Wittenstein, Rabbi Avrohom
Series: Yehoshua
Lecture Details:  In this shiur we look at the beginning of Yehoshua's division of the Land of Israel. Why does the possuk here give Bilaam the title of, 'the sorceror'? Wasn't he a Prophet? Why is it necessary to repeat the conquests of Moshe? When did Yehoshua conquer Chevron? How did Calev make an open offer to anyone who conquers Kiryas Sefer will be allowed to marry his daughter? Why woesn't he worried that someone with illicit parentage would fulfill his condition?
Library: Zichron Moshe  View All Lectures
Level: Advanced
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 35 min.
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