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Friday, Jul 10, 2020 Parshas Pinchas 18 Tamuz, 5780
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Tackling a Problem: Is Football Kosher?
Speaker:   Soicher, Marc; Schwab, [Rabbi] Aron Yehuda
Series: Tackling a Problem: Is Football Kosher
Lecture Details:  For the rest of the world, football may refer to soccer, but in the United States, football is a very diff erent kind of game, and many will argue that it has supplanted baseball as America’s favorite sport. But often overlooked is the physical nature of play tackle football entails; grueling games, bone-jarring tackles, and brutal hits are part and parcel of the sport. Th e NFL has been dealing with the dangers posed to players over the long-term, such as concussions, but dangers still remain, and a perfect solution is unlikely to be found. Is playing a sport that requires hitting another person halachically acceptable? May one engage in such a sport if there are dangers, whether immediate or down the line? Is boxing the same as tackle football, or worse? Is it proper to be entertained by people beating up on each other? Join Marc Soicher, Longtime Denver Sportscaster and Benefi t Broker, RSC Benefi ts, and Rabbi Aron Yehuda Schwab, Dean of the Denver Community Kollel, as they tackle the issues in this hard-hitting class.
Library: Denver Community Kollel  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 1 hour 
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