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Thursday, May 28, 2020 Shavuos 5 Sivan, 5780
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08 - Vayigash - Shema, Sim Shalom, and the Shavtim
Speaker:   Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Series: Women's Institute of Torah Parsha Shiur, 5770
Lecture Details:  Yaakov Avinu said Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad when he reunited with Yosef. At the end of Shemoneh Esrei we ask for shalom and say Barcheinu Avinu Kulanu Kechad. The Shevatim were nervous that Yosef was going to take revenge when Yaakov passed away. Yosef, on the other hand, truly recognized everything as from Hashem and therefore was not upset and enabled the unity amongst his family. When we recognize that everything is from Hashem we are able to be together.
Library: Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion -  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Ages
Gender: female
Length: 1 hour 15 min.
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