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Thursday, Dec 5, 2019 Parshas Vayetzei 7 Kislev, 5780
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Hilchos Brochos Part V - Drinking A Better Wine-Does It Require A Brocho of HaTov U'Meitiv? Can One Change Location In The Middle Of A Meal? (Video)[5]
Speaker:   Goldberg, Rabbi Zvi
Series: Kosher Classes Teleconference
Lecture Details:  Hilchos Brachos - 6 Part Series with Rabbi Dovid Heber Bi-Weekly STAR-K Webinars December-February Beginning Monday, December 17, at 12 noon EST, and every other Monday, through February 11, Rabbi Dovid Heber, a Kashrus Administrator at STAR-K, and Rav, Khal Ahavas Yisroel Tzemach Tzedek , will present a series of webinars on Hilchos Brachos. Topics include: Fruits, Vegetables and Processed Grains, Ikker v�tafel, Cereals, Which bracha to recite first, and what Hamotzi and Hagofen cover. Rabbi Heber has visited almost all states in the nation and lectured in over 20 of them. He recently presented the Agudas Yisroel of America�s National Yom Iyun on Hilchos Brachos, and delivered shiurim in Lakewood on the Molad, International Dateline and Kashrus of medicines. He is the author of Sefer Shaarei Zmanim, a distinguished work on the Halachic Calendar, Zmanei Tefila, and Kiddush Hachodesh.
Library: Star-K Kosher Classes  View All Lectures
Level: Intermediate
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 54 min.
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1Teshuva 31 - Unlocking Hashem's Bounty (cd)
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