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Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 Parshas Vayeilech 6 Tishrei, 5783
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Yehoshua ch. 4 and 5
Speaker:   Wittenstein, Rabbi Avrohom
Series: Yehoshua
Lecture Details:  In this shiur we look at when Yehoshua warning the Jewish People that they are entering the Land of Israel in order to inherit the Land? Why was it necessary to warn them? When did he give them this warning? Why did the Aron, 'carry those who carried them', accross the Yarden? Why didn't Yehoshua explicitly emphasize this miracle? What percentage of the Tribes of Gad, Reuvain, and the part of the Tribe of Menashe participated in the conquest of the Land of Israel? Why didn't all of them participate? Why did Yehoshua command the Jews to circumsize themselves a second time? When did the Jews start doing 'priah' (removing the membrane under the foreskin)?
Library: Zichron Moshe  View All Lectures
Level: Advanced
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 40 min.
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