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Saturday, Jun 3, 2023 Parshas Nasso 14 Sivan, 5783
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My Shidduch lies over the ocean, My Shidduch lies over the sea; Hashem please bring my Shidduch to me! (Parshas Vayetze)
Speaker:   Alter, Rabbi Avrohom M.
Series: Hashkafah -Thought
Lecture Details:  Probably the most challenging time in many people's life is that of Shidduchim. Did not Reb Yossie ben Chalafta say "Kasha zivugim shel adam k'kriyas yam suf - the matching / paring up of couples is as difficult before The Holy One B"H as the splitting the Reed Sea"? But why is that so and how is that so? Could anything truly be "difficult" before Hashem? How does one approach and balance their own personal efforts / Hishtadlus and their trust in The Ultimate and True Shaddchan - Hashem? What can and should one do to effectively bring about the realization of finally meeting their predestined Zivug who was already foretold and announced in heaven at the moment of their conception?
Library: Migdal Torah  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 1 hour 15 min.
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Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh