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Saturday, Jun 3, 2023 Parshas Nasso 14 Sivan, 5783
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Pinchas' Reincarnation (Parshas Pinchas)
Speaker:   Alter, Rabbi Avrohom M.
Series: Hashkafah -Thought
Lecture Details:  After killing Zimri and Kazbi, who desecrated Hashem's name with their public display of licentiousness, Pinchas son of Elazar and grandson of Ahron, was rewarded the gift of Kehuna (something he did not inherit as a birthright). We wonder however why there is no record of his anointing ceremony, inaugurating Pinchas as a new Kohen, just as his father and grandfather had some 40 years earlier? Additionally, how did Pinchas' (or his descendants - 380 Kohanim Gedolim) make the barcha "asher k'dishanu b'k'dushaso shel Ahron - you sanctified us with the "Kedusha of Aharon" when in truth this Kedusha only started with him and was not transmitted through Ahron? Pinchas' Kehuna was a gift now, 40 years after Ahron was anointed Kohen Gadol! Finally, one of the many miracles was that Zimri and Kazbi did not die until Pinchas put them down, this in order that he not become defiled - tamei meis. But since Pinchas did not become a Kohen until after this event why would it be detrimental if he became tamei meis? He was not yet a Kohen!
Library: Migdal Torah  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 1 hour 
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