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Thursday, Jan 23, 2020 Parshas Vaera 26 Tevet, 5780
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Series: Women's Institute of Torah Parsha Shiur, 5772
In-depth study of a theme of the week's Torah portion, drawing on primary sources in Midrash and classic works of Jewish thought. This year's lectures focus on topics relating to Emunah.
Level: N/A | Age: All Ages | Gender: female

23 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
1 - Lech Lecha - The Emunah of Avraham and The Emunah of Shem Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
10 - Va'eira - Emunah: Keeping His Word Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
13 - Mishpatim - The Sefer HaBris Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
13 - Terumah - Hashem's Presence & Providence Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
15 - Vayakhel, Pikudei, Parah - Waiting & Listening Faithfully Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
16 - Vayikra - Pesach, Korbanos and The 13 Principles of Faith Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
17 - Tazria/Metzora - Hidden Treasures Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
18 - Acharei Mos/Kedoshim - Saying Shema B'Ahava Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
19 - Emor - Lag B'Omer - Emunah of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
2 - Vayeira - Avraham: Chesed and Emunah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
20 - Behar, Bechukosai - Illness and Emunah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
22 - Naso - Emunah & Individuality Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
23 - Shelach - Emunah and Ahavah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
27 - Shelach - 2 Forms of Tefillah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
3 - Chayei Sarah - Emunah in the G-d of Heaven and Earth Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
4 - Toldos - Emunah and Tefillah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
5 - Vayeitzei - Emunah: Am I Hashem? Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
6 - Vayishlach - Emunah; The Tzaddik and The Palm Tree Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
7 - Vayeishev - Emunah; Acts of Man & of Hashem Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
8 - Mikeitz and Chanukah - The Sixth Sense of Emunah Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
9 - Shemos - Emunah: The Bread of Egypt Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Beshalach - Trusting Hashem Hauer, Rabbi Moshe
Shavuos - The Midbar and The Voice of Hashem Hauer, Rabbi Moshe


1Vayeira 31-Doing Mitzvos for the First Time-Bar Mitzva Boy and Teflin; Woman and Candle Lighting-Do They Make a Shehechiyanu? (file)
1Beha'aloscha 27 - Davening for a Choleh: Must You Mention His Name? His Father's Name or His Mother's Name? (file)
1Sh'mini 21 - Women and Havdalah - Second Thoughts (cd)
The Torah learned on this site today should be liluy nishmos
Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh