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Wednesday, Jul 8, 2020 Parshas Pinchas 16 Tamuz, 5780
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Flawless Gems? The Ethics of Blood Diamonds
Speaker:   Schwab, Rabbi Aron Yehuda
Series: Torah For Tycoons
Lecture Details:  Blood Diamonds: a paradoxical term of beauty and misery. Attention-grabbing, it pulls at our heart strings and sells lots of movies tickets. Some claim the mining of these natural treasures comes at the expense of the people who labor to bring them to market, and the money they generate helps finance war and strife. Others say the issue is far more complex, and point to the fact that the mining and selling of diamonds benefits these same people through the creation of school and healthcare systems, food aid and international interest in their plight. What are the facts? And what is the responsibility of the industry and buyers? Does a consumer have an obligation to verify the source of a diamond before purchasing it? What about a jeweler? And must one forgo a steal of a deal if the origins of the gem are dubious?
Library: Denver Community Kollel  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Adults
Gender: both
Length: 1 hour 
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