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Saturday, Nov 26, 2022 Parshas Toldos 2 Kislev, 5783
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Pesach - Ecstatic vs Measured Spirituality
Speaker:   Goldwag, Ari
Series: Parsha Podcast
Lecture Details:  What is the connection between Pesach and Succos? Why do they both occur in the middle of the month? What is the difference between the respective mitzvos of each holiday? Why does Succos involve a lot of movement, while Pesach seems to be more static? Why does Shmini Atzeres come immediately after Succos, while Shavuos is 50 days after Pesach? What is the character of each of these months - Nissan and Tishrei? Why do we have a seder on Pesach, but not on Succos? Find out in this week's parsha podcast.
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Level: Intermediate
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 19 min. More Info
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Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh